CANstruction November 21

Students at the Miriam School are collecting cans for Operation Food Search.  We really need a lot of cans because not only do we collect cans for a good cause we also make it into a building project.  Each room will pick an object to build with its cans. What do you think we should build?


Let’s Talk

Today, students in Room 7 did a mystery Skype session with a class in New Hampshire!  What a great time we had!  They guessed our location using six clues.  I think it was the fact, ” we are the Gateway to the West” that gave it away, as well as the mention of Cardinal fans, helped them locate our city!  We guessed their location in about six clues, too.  The White Mountains gave it away to one of our students who had lived on the east coast.   What else did we learn about New Hampshire?

Monster Makers in Room 7

September has come and gone and the students in room 7 have been so busy, they haven’t even had time to post comments on their blog!   Well that is all about to change, as of October 1, room 7 will transfer over to monster makers.  We are a part of a wonderful project called Global Monster Project, and students have been working hard to prepare and describe the monster part we are in charge of, the arms.  Boy are those arms going to be gruesome!  Now these monster makers will begin to blog about how the monster is progressing.  Anyone out there also involved in Global Monster Project?  We would love to hear from you.  We also might be contacting you soon via email, blog, or skype!

What is your favorite book?

Fridays are library day for students at the Miriam School. I used to love going to library at school because their were so many different types of books to choose from.  Some of my favorite books were the Amelia Bedelia series and my absolute favorite was Ms. Nelson.  What is your favorite book?  It can be new or old, a chapter book or picture book, fiction or non fiction.

Ms. Kopp

Give it another try

My first attempt to create and use a blog in my classroom pretty much failed.  But in the great words of W.C. Fields, “If at first you don’t succeed try, try again.”  SO here I am again, convinced that this year my students and I will take on this great adventure and become bloggers!

Hello world!

We’re finally connected!  After much research and careful consideration, Miriam Room 7 is blogging!  I very excited to use this blog as a way to spark students interest in writing and connecting with other 21st century learners.  Stay tuned for more exciting information!